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    Rancho Painting Pros provides the most extensive painting services in the area. Our team works closely with home and business owners to provide the best interior and exterior design and painting services around! Inquire today to get a free estimate on any of our services!

    Painting contractors complete painting jobs faster and with better results than the majority of people. Don't hesitate to involve professional contractors for everything from installing wallpaper in a bedroom to repainting the entire exterior of a home.

    Choosing the right painting contractors can often be tricky. If you put your trust in us, however, you don’t need to worry about a single thing. At Rancho Painting Pros, we believe in delivering quality painting services. Our painting contractors are known for being professional, delivering timely results, and being super neat and clean. We believe in doing quality work — the results speak for themselves. Check out our professional painting services if you are looking to renovate your homes or workplaces. Not only do we have excellent options for interior and exterior painters but we also offer services for wallpaper installation and removal. Your search for a good painting company ends with us.

    Reach out to us anytime for a free quote.

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    Additional Services

    Drywall Services

    • Drywall installation
    • Drywall repair 
    • Drywall and tape
    • Plastering services

    Cabinet Painting

    • Cabinet painting
    • Cabinet refinishing
    • Kitchen cabinets painting

    Fence and Deck Painting

    • Fence painting
    • Deck painting
    • Deck staining

    Trim Painting

    • Interior trim painting
    • Door painting
    • Window painting

    Work With Us

    Not to sound like we’re bragging, but we are one of the best painting companies in the area. You can check out our customer testimonials for further information about the services we provide and their experiences with us. We guarantee professional results every time. If you’d like to learn more about us, you can check out our website for the services we provide or reach out to us on our website.

    House Painters Rancho CA

    Rancho Cucamonga has a host of homes that could do with some refreshing. Calling in a house painter is one of the best ways to instantly improve your home's exterior and liven up the neighborhood. Search for "house painters near me" and call the Rancho Painting Pros to schedule your consultation!

    Top-Notch Exterior Painting Services

    Finding a house painter is only one step. For exterior painting, you want a company that can deliver unmatched quality painting that will last for years. Outdoor painting services need a skilled painting contractor. Rancho Painting Pros provides expert advice, insight into necessary steps before painting, and reliable time frames for completion.

    Looking to give your store front a fresh coat of paint? Your new home or office needs a fresh coat of paint? From the exterior walls of your property, to the deck, trim, stucco, porch and more, we paint them all. Give us a call to get the best quote.

    We offer exterior painting services to the areas around Rancho Cucamonga, a beautiful city situated at the foothills of San Gabriel and known for its delectable wineries. The homes in the neighborhood are known for their splendid beauty that complements the town’s quiet and warm atmosphere. So, if you’re looking for house painters nearby, you have come to the right place. There are several factors to consider when you want to paint exterior surfaces such as temperature, presence of mold or any other problems, and humidity. As exterior painters, we are eager to help you out with a consultation and give you an approximate quotation of the cost involved to transform your place. We offer many exterior painting services for your roof, outer walls of buildings and homes, patios, sheds, etc. We love what we do and are backed by a team of dedicated workers here in California’s Inland Empire who will always strive to deliver the best. Give us a call for further information.

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    Interior Painter Services

    house painters Rancho Cucamonga

    Transform your space with a new coat of paint. Whether you are looking to imbue fresh life into a commercial or residential property, our interior painting services will ensure quality that lasts

    If you're looking to sell or renovate your home, the best place to start is with interior paint. Reviving your bedrooms, living room, and kitchen can have a massive impact. We start every job with careful preparation to create the ultimate outcome, no matter the home or project. Our team will work with you to explain why we suggest certain materials. Get the best advice with the best service from our experienced interior painters.

    There are many factors to be considered for painting interior surfaces such as if there is any damage to the walls such as cracks, presence of mold, appropriate temperature, and humidity. There are many ways to lighten up a place, and using the right coat of paint is arguably the best way. We help our customers at every step of the way, right from consultation to getting the right shade of paint and prepping, as well as cleaning up afterward. Don’t hesitate to give us a call to learn more or get a free consultation. After a consultation and a free quotation, you can decide what you want to do with your space. We guarantee to give the best price in the market.


    "I highly recommend this painting company. The best service for the price! They did a great job, were on time, and were efficient."

    Angela P.

    "We had our exterior house, doors, and interior living room/kitchen painted. Definitely recommend and we will use this painting company again."

    John R.

    "Fast and reliable service for interior residential painting in Rancho CA. I am very pleased with the work they did and would absolutely recommend!"

    Peter K..

    Commercial Painting Contractors

    storefront panting rancho ca

    We have various services that cater to commercial spaces like hospitals, hotels, standard offices, and government buildings. Any working environment needs to be spruced up according to the ambiance, the kind of working space it is, and taking into consideration many other factors. We offer a consultation before taking the work and advise our customers on the best course of action. Most of our commercial painting services ask for interior painters to redo walls and renovate the work area. However, for free-standing buildings such as schools, cafes, and police stations, we have professional exterior painters. You can call us anytime for further information.

    Residential Painting Contractors

    At Rancho Painting Pros, we believe in providing excellent services to our customers. Our team of house painters are professional, time-conscious, swift, clean, and neat at their work. They do a thorough job by starting with the prep work and getting a neat coat of paint without dribbling excess paint drops around. Most house painters are hired for doing renovation work. Apart from interior painters, we even have a team of skilled exterior painters who are dedicated to their work. If you are looking for the right team of professionals for your painting project give us a call.

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    Best Time to Get Your House Painted

    Most people get their homes painted when they are planning to sell their house as it increases their chances of getting a better price. They may even hire painting contractors if they observe considerable damage to their walls and need to repair it. Some people even plan to renovate their homes just to transform their space. For commercial spaces, most people call us for our interior or exterior painting services to renovate their space.

    We provide a wide range of services for all your renovation needs and our team of professionals are always on hand to answer any questions you may have. You can call us for information on any painting service you may need.

    Additional Painting Services

    Residential and commercial painting services often come across other necessary elements of repair or improvement. Painting hardly ever calls for "just" painting.

    Rancho Painting Pros provides:

    • Drywall repair
    • Wallpaper removal
    • Wallpaper application
    • Ceiling repairs

    We provide additional commercial painting services as well, including storefront painting, office space painting, and more. Bring your business or home back to life!

    We Also Do Drywall Repair and Plaster

    drywall repair rancho ca

    Repairing drywalls is a tedious process that requires skilled labor and expertise. With a team of professionals, we can make this job easier for you. You can call us anytime to get a free quote on your space.

    If your walls have dried up and are shedding paint, any painting company will advise you to get rid of all of the paint and repair the wall before applying a fresh coat of paint. At Rancho Painting Pros, we have a host of painting services, one of which is drywall repair and plastering.

    Hire Us for the Best Quality Service

    If you cannot change your surroundings, you need to change the color of your property, whether it’s a house, a store, or even an office. As a provider of quality painting services, we endeavor to satisfy our customers’ requirements and give them the best and highest quality of services. Right from color selection to providing any additional advice, we are with our customers every step of the way. We provide the following paintings services:

    1. Interior painting services

    2. Exterior painting services

    3. Roof painting services

    4. Pool and patio painting services

    5. Shingles painting services

    6. Drywall inspection and repair

    7. Add plaster coat

    8. Residential painting services

    9. Commercial painting services

    10. Bedroom painting services

    11. Kitchen painting services

    12. Kitchen cabinet painting

    13. Kitchen remodeling services

    Our Process

    residential exterior painting rancho ca

    We believe in meeting the needs of our customers’ to a tee. To do that, we invest time and efforts to provide a holistic service. Our professional, friendly, and informative team are eager to help and deliver their best. This is how we work:

    1. First, we survey your place and thoroughly inspect it. We look for any hidden problems that may require repairs. We also check on the kind of paint that would be suitable and advise our customers accordingly. We can also provide a free quotation of the place if you call or contact us through our website.

    2. Before painting the walls, we check the extent of repair required and work on it accordingly. We also offer drywall and plaster services before painting. These are recommended for better durability.

    3. Preparation is an important part of our process before painting any surface. When we take on a new job, we always reach the site a few hours early to start with the prep work. We use plastic sheets to cover the entire surface that doesn’t need to get painted. This is important to ensure there are no paint splatters or dribs anywhere. As most places we paint are lived-in and have furniture and carpets, we are extra careful not to drip paint anywhere.

    4. After completing the job, we clean up the area thoroughly. This is as important as preparing the place since a lot of effort goes into clearing the space, and we never simply leave it for our customers to clean up after us.

    We strive to deliver timely results and keep our customers happy. It is our job to transform your home and workspaces, using your vision and our expertise.

    Choose Us For Your Project

    We at Rancho Painting Pros believe in providing quality services. We use a range of top-quality equipment for all our painting services, right from good quality brushes to the best of paints. With a variety of services to choose from, we cater to all kinds of paint requirements.

    Before starting any new work, we take the time to understand what our customer needs so we can provide them with our best services. Most people look for reliable painting companies that will deliver timely results and use good quality, durable materials on their homes. We guarantee to provide just that. We have a team of dedicated experts that strive to provide the best and are available to answer any questions or queries at every step of the process.

    We’d like to believe we are good at what we do because our goal is customer satisfaction, and we work hard to provide that. If you want to learn more about us, you can give us a call and schedule an appointment.

    About Rancho Cucamonga

    Rancho Cucamonga sits just South of the San Gabriel Mountains. Generally, Rancho is a quiet area and has a long history of wine-making. Visit historical winery grounds and some of the best dining in the area.

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